Wii Fit Boot Camp

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50 Days to Kill Goodbye

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Wii Fit Boot Camp is a crossover between Wii Fit and Boot Camp.

This segment is from 50 Days to Kill Goodbye / Wii Fit Boot Camp.


Wii Fit Trainer hosts a reality show starring Super Smash Bros. Characters.


There are too many references in this segment!


  • Every Veteran and Newcomer looked like their SSB4 appearances.
  • Although, Quattro doesn't appear in SSB4, he also didn't look like his appearance.
    • His hair on the front is golden brown instead of yellow/blond.
  • Although, the Star Wolf theme from Star Fox: Assault is heard in the intro, The Star Wolf Team didn't appear in this.but this segment is simiral to VICTORious and The Walking Fred