Titanic Toon Adventures is a parody of Titanic & Tiny Toon Adventures


Buster Bunny

Babs Bunny

Plucky Duck

Fifi LaFume

Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote

Calamity Coyote

Hamton J. Pig

Wallace & Gromit

Little Beeper

Bugs Bunny

Yakko Wakko & Dot


Mary Melody


Gogo Dodo





Title of segment appears in a parody of the TTA logo

Buster: (singing) Were tiny

Babs: Were toony

Both: We are a little looney.

Sene fades to the Titanic about to set sail as Buster, Babs, Plucky & Hamton are walking towards it

Road Runner: Beep Beep!

Wile E. Coyote chases Road Runner as we see Fifi LaFume & Calamity Coyote walking on the ship

Hamton: So is Bugs taking us.

Buster: No, Bugs has to grade some papers.

Plucky: Then who will guide us!?

Buster: I hired thease two to guide us. Wallace & Gromit appear.

Wallace: Job well done Gromit, we get to help some Tiny Toons!

Gromit shakes his head madly

Hanton: How did you pay them.

Plucky barfs

Babs: With 64 ounces of Americain chease.

Buster: But not like on The Simpsons.

Wallace: Thanks Buster I love cheese

The rest of the TT's abored the ship

Babs: Uh oh lets go on bored

The ship starts to leave

Bugs Bunny: Good luck toons!


Wallace: I wonder what this does (pushes a buttion)

Buster: No don't push it its.....

Anvil falls on Calamity Coyote

Little Beeper: (laughs) Beep Beep! (runs)

The ship begens sinking

Fowlmouth Aw dadgum it the (bleep bleep) ship is sinking!

(all gasp)

Plucky: Did he say the F word!?

Wallace: Funny?

Plucky: No! The bad one!

Q*bert: I resent that!

Plucky: Omg.

Buster: We got to plug the hole!

Babs: Do something!

Wallace: Gromit

(Gromit gasps)

Wallace sticks Gromit in the hole

Hamton: Not gunna work.

Gogo: Sooner Gromit will have to come out soon!

Plucky: I have an idea

Pac-Man appears eating power pellets

Pac-Man: Waka waka waka waka!

Plucky: (grabs one) I'll have one of thoes

(He eats a bored & trys to plug the hole in it but it dosnt work)

Babs: What will become of us?

Mary: I have an idea, I'll use Alices mushroom

She eats a mushroom grows into a giantess 7 carrys the ship to shore (a beach)

Plucky: Woo hoo we made it! :)

Buster: I guess w/ us Tiny Toons we can make the movie Titanic have a happy ending, right Wallace? Wallace?

(Back on the ship)

Pac-Man: (eating cheese) Waka waka waka!


Gromit shakes his head


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