• 1st Week: James Cameron Movie Marathon/iCarly Movie Marathon
  • 2nd Week: Revenge Of The Fallen/Star Wars The Clone Wars
  • 3rd Week: John Cusack Movie Marathon/101 Dalmatians (1996)
  • 4th Week: Star Trek Movie Marathon/Glee The Concert Movie
  • 5th Week: Pixar Movie Marathon/Terminator Movie Marathon/Superman Movie Marathon
  • 6th Week: Peter Pan (2003)/POTC Movie Marathon/Batman Movie Marathon
  • 7th Week: Clifford's Really Big Movie/NYC Movie Marathon/Big Time Movie
  • 8th Week: Ronald Dahl And George Clooney Movie Marathon/Megan Fox Movie Marathon
  • 9th Week: Jason Segal Movie Marathon/Iron Man And Iron Man 2/Ben 10 Movie Marathon
  • 10th Week: Clash Of The Titans (1981)
  • 11th Week: MTV Films Movie Marathon/Pixar Movie Marathon/Mickey Mouse Movie Marathon
  • 12th Week: Angels And Demons/How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
  • 13th Week: Video Game Movie Marathon/Disney Classics Movie Marathon/Agent Cody Banks Double Feature
  • 14th Week: Pokemon Movie Marathon/Jurassic Park Movie Marathon
  • 15th Week: Movies That Make You Dance Marathon/Gift Of The Night Furry
  • 16th Week: Mr. T Movie Marathon
  • 17th Week: Bourne Movie Marathon/Toy Story Movie Marathon/Charlie Sheen Movie Marathon/Narnia Movie Marathon
  • 18th Week: The Karate Kid (1984?)/Will Smith Movie Marathon/Alien Invasion Movie Marathon
  • 19th Week: Despicable Me/Beverly Hills Cop Double Feature
  • 20th Week: NBA Movie Marathon/Dreamworks Movie Marathon/Shrek Movie Marathon
  • 21st Week: Winnie The Pooh Movie Marathon/Jeff Bridges Movie Marathon/Hannah Montana The Movie
  • 22nd Week: Jessie Eisenberg Movie Marathon/Spiderman Movie Marathon
  • 23rd Week: Twilight Movie Marathon/High School Musical Movie Marathon
  • 24th Week: Arthur Double Feature/Marvel Movie Marathon/Twilight Movie Marathon
  • 25th Week: Bradley Cooper Movie Marathon/Muppet Movie Marathon/X Men Movie Marathon/

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