TED-TV-Trailer 0000


  1. Madvent Calender (Madvent Calender Segment)
  2. Opening Scene
  3. Ted Roosevelt (Movie Parody of Ted / Spoof on Theodore Roosevelt)
  4. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  5. Student taking a math exam (Animation by M. Wartella)
  6. JedEx (Spoof on FedEx / Jetix) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  7. Monkey gets a banana (Cartoon)
  8. The cat cleans its own literbox (Don Martin Segment)
  9. A war (Stop-motion cartoon Segment)
  10. Proud Family Guy (TV Parody of Family Guy / The Proud Family) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  11. Spy vs. Spy - Junk mail (Spy vs. Spy Segment) (Stop-motion cartoon Segment)
  12. Animated Marginals - (Animated Marginals Segment)
  13. Adell (Spoof on Adele / Dell) (Ad Parodies Segment)
  14. Cucumber and pickle argument (Animation by M. Wartella)
  15. Total Drama: Revenge of the Mysterious Island (TV Parody of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island / Movie Parody of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island)
  16. Credits
  17. 5-second Cartoon - The cat continues to clean the literbox (5-second Cartoon Segment)


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