• Orange: Hey hey hey hey hey hey Chris
  • Chris: Listen being on total drama revenge of the island is serious
  • Orange: Moter boat (Do Moter boat)
  • (Title card)
  • Finn: Orange your kinda annoying for this channel
  • Beemo: Disngienf
  • Finn: Beemo WHAT HAPPENED!?
  • Orange: (Spits orange juice) hahaha
  • Mordica and rigby: OOOHHHH! Get that
  • Orange: I get it (Do his most annoying sound)
  • Orange: Hey blue Watermelon
  • Gumball: What You call me I'm a cat
  • Orange: No your a blue watermelon Hahahaha
  • tom: Why don't we get a tv show
  • Orange: Duh Your have black eyes hahahaha
  • CN: Well you get the tv show but stay away form the 20th birthday
  • Gang except marshmallow : Uh-oh
  • Marhmallow: Uh uh err rrr
  • Little apple: let's get out
  • Gang leaves
  • CN: Wait you can't leave me with him or her
  • Benson: So what happened
  • Pear: Well he banned us from the 20th birthday and he made marhsmallow angry
  • Marshmallow: I LOVE UNICORNS!

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